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Makmen Ptrolium LLC


It is the objective of Shamel International to provide a safe place of work for its employees, staffs, sub-contractors and visitors and for all of those affected by its activities.

The Company has established a safety management programme to further the effective implementation of this policy. This programme is described in the Company’s Safety Policy.

Implementation of the policy and programme is the responsibility of all staff of the Company under the overall direction of the C.E.O.

Safe working is a condition of employment. Every employee is made aware to assume responsibility for working safely. The success of the policy depends upon the co-operation of staff.

A Safety Statement is prepared, implemented and kept up to date because it is the most important step in managing health and safety within a workplace. By making a commitment to promoting safety and health and specifying the health and safety measures and resources that are being provided, the safety statement plays a vital part in the implementation of health and safety policies.

Managers and supervisors regularly ensure that workplace practices conform to the Safety statement. Supervisory checks and audits are carried out to determine how well the aims of the Safety Statement are being achieved. Corrective action is taken when it is required.